Hassan Tavousi

Latest Reports on Murdered Cases in Iran Protests, November 2019

Full Name: Hassan Tavousi
Age: …
Place: Tehran
Date: November 2019

Hassan Tavousi, from Kianshahr area of Tehran, civil engineer, was shot under hearth and side with 2 bullets remote-controlled during Tehran protests.

Eyewitness stated that they heard no gunshots and just suddenly saw he was fell to the ground. This means that he was killed with a remote controlled gun.

His family is threatened that not report about this murder to anywhere. The dead boy was handed over with difficulties and just 2 to 3 first class members of the family were allowed to attend the funeral.

تداوم تجمع اعتراضی بازنشستگان در شهرهای میهن / بازنشستگان خطاب به رئيسی: شش کلاس بی سواد گند زدی به اقتصاد

بازنشستگان در ادامه تظاهرات روزهای قبل خود امروز چهارشنبه ۲۵خرداد هم در یک اعتراض سراسری جهت احقاق خواسته‌هایشان در شهرهای اهواز، کرمانشاه، تهران ، شوش

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