Amirreza Abdollahi

⚫️ Latest Reports on Murdered Cases in Iran Protests, November 2019

Full Name: Amirreza Abdollahi
Age: 13 years old
Place: Eslamshahr, Tehran Province
Date: November 16, 2019

This teenager had not participated in the protests. he went out for doing something that night, while he was passing by near the place of the protests, he was targeted to shot and killed by security agents.

His family resides in Elalamshahr, Tehran Province. They were handed over his dead body in November 18 after a 3-day follow-up. The family transferred the dead body to his birthplace in Pars Abad, Moghan of Ardabil.

His father was a building plasterer. They immigrated from Pars Abad of Moghan in Ardabil to Eslamshahr 5 years ago.

Amirreza’s family was threatened to keep silent by the security forces. In case of any report of his murder to anywhere, They(security forces) will prevent Amir from being buried.

They have been silent so far about their son being killed.